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Change bandit strikes again, say Nova Scotia police

The RCMP say in this latest incident a man asked to get change for a $50 bill. He left with the $50, two $20s and a coffee.

A photo of the man released by police.

Handout / RCMP

A photo of the man released by police.

It appears the change bandit has struck again.

Nova Scotia RCMP say on Thursday around 4 p.m., a man in Hantsport asked a worker for change for a $50 bill.

He then allegedly confused the clerk, and left the store with a coffee, the $50 bill and two $20 bills.

Police say the suspect matches the description in a similar incident that happened on Sept. 5 in Barrington Passage.

“Nova Scotia RCMP would like the public's assistance to locate and identify this person,” a statement Friday reads. “Employees who handle cash are reminded to be mindful and vigilant of this scam, particularly when individuals use larger bills or ask for change.”


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