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'All bets are off:' Hurricane Jose and its possible impact on Nova Scotia

The Canadian Hurricane Centre says the Category 3 storm is in a 'holding pattern' and could soon be moving north.

The projected path for Hurricane Jose as of Monday morning.

Canadian Hurricane Centre

The projected path for Hurricane Jose as of Monday morning.

If you're thinking no way Jose for us in Nova Scotia, give your head a shake.

Meteorologist Bob Robichaud at the Canadian Hurricane Centre said Monday, even though hurricane Jose is currently in a holding pattern, it could still impact us here in Nova Scotia.

“Oh, absolutely. We don’t expect this thing to be an imminent threat to us here in eastern Canada, but it’s certainly something we are keeping an eye on,” he said.

There was talk Jose could impact parts of Atlantic Canada this week, but now Robichaud said any potential impact would likely be sometime next week.

He said the storm is “almost stationary" -- hundreds of miles to the north of Puerto Rico -- because it’s being blocked by an area of high pressure from the north.

The hurricane will very slowly move north in the next couple of days, then turn back on itself.

After that, Robichaud said “all bets are off.”

The hurricane is currently a Category 3 storm with maximum wind speeds of about 165 km/h.

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