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Your next bus could stop here: Eleven possible sites revealed for new Mumford Terminal

The terminal by the Halifax Shopping Centre is one of the busiest in the city.

About 9,000 people use the busy Mumford Terminal each day.

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About 9,000 people use the busy Mumford Terminal each day.

The 11 potential sites for a new Mumford Terminal were unveiled to the public during two open-house sessions in Halifax on Wednesday.

The first session started at 2 p.m., but by 1:35 p.m. people were already waiting outside to provide their input about where a new terminal should be located.

“The project is to find the ideal site to relocate or replace the existing Mumford Terminal, so we have our draft criteria up and we’re looking for feedback on the criteria,” explained Patricia Hughes, manager of planning and scheduling at Halifax Transit.

“Things like walkability, access to cycling, egress and access…We want people to tell us what’s important to evaluate the sites.”

The Mumford Transit Terminal is one of the busiest in Halifax with more than 9,000 passengers using the terminal daily.

A number of poster boards were set up during the open house to provide people with an overview of the project. The long list of 11 possible sites includes five on-street and six off-street terminal locations.

“They’re very general. HRM doesn’t own a lot of property in this area so we’d have to figure out how to lease or acquire land, so some of them may not be possible,” Hughes said.

“Consultants looked at the sites that were basically large enough to accommodate a terminal and were in the right general locations for where the routes would line up well.”

Carol MacLean lives in the area and describes herself as a semi-regular transit user. She said she showed up at the open house because transit impacts everyone, not just transit users.

“There are a lot of ideas presented here and that’s good. But I also think it’s beyond just looking at a site,” she said.

Public input is still being sought for the next few weeks and can be submitted online at The open house information will also be online by Thursday.

Hughes said they’d like to have the study submitted within the next six to eight months. It would then be brough to regional council.

The 11 potential sites:

Joseph Howe Drive at Superstore

Desmond Avenue

Bayers Road Centre (on-street)

Mumford Road opposite Sears

Mumford Road opposite Sobeys

Bayers Road and Connaught Avenue

Bayers Road and Oxford Street

Bayers Road Centre (off-street)

Expansion on existing site

HSC-Sobeys off-street

Adjacent to Chebucto Road

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