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Halifax ‘road train’ funding chugging along with not-for-profit society

A committee recommends Halifax regional council approve $50,000 in funding this year for the train after its conditions were met.

The &quotroad train" as seen in downtown Halifax.


The "road train" as seen in downtown Halifax.

The people behind the “community road train” in downtown Halifax have met the requirements to get funding from the municipality.

Dennis Campbell of Ambassatours, which also owns Murphy’s On the Water, approached council with the idea, aimed at making it easier for tourists to navigate the construction downtown. It’s been up and running since June.

Campbell asked for $120,000 in municipal funding for the vehicle – $50,000 this year, $40,000 next year, and $30,000 the year after. Despite a staff recommendation against it, council approved the funding in July with a number of conditions.

The municipality can’t give money to businesses, so one of the conditions was that a not-for-profit society be set up to run the train.

That condition has been met, with the creation of the Halifax Community Road Train Society, including members from Waterfront Development, the Downtown Halifax Business Association and Coun. Waye Mason.

“We’ve had a hell of a year in tourism and visitors the city, and when you combine that with construction downtown and all the stuff that’s happening, anything that moves people in the downtown area is a positive thing,” Mayor Mike Savage said at Wednesday’s meeting of council’s Audit and Finance Standing Committee.

“I think this is leadership. This whole idea of this train is leadership.”

The committee recommended council approve this year’s funding of $50,000.

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