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Fashion forward: New recyclable Halifax clothing line 'a first' for Canada

Faire Child Makewear uses 100 per cent recycled content, and the clothes can be returned when worn out so they never enter a landfill.

Faire Child Makewear creator Tabitha Osler and sales and marketing manager Beth Freeman pose for a photo in their Dartmouth studio on Wednesday.

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Zane Woodford / Metro Halifax

Faire Child Makewear creator Tabitha Osler and sales and marketing manager Beth Freeman pose for a photo in their Dartmouth studio on Wednesday.

A Dartmouth fashion designer has high hopes for a new children’s outdoor clothing line she describes as “a first” for Canada.
Tabitha Osler’s fashionable children’s garments are completely waterproof, washable, free from harmful chemicals, and made from 100 per cent recycled content.  

They are also completely recyclable.

Osler has plans in place to help keep her creations out of landfills once they’ve reached the end of their lifecycle.
“We have a take-back program where we encourage the customer to send the garment back to us and we take care of that recycling process,” Osler said.
“We disassemble it and make sure it ends up in the hands of a recycling partner that will recycle it so it never ends up in a landfill.”
Osler moved back to Nova Scotia about a year ago after working as a fashion designer abroad following her postsecondary education at the esteemed Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.  
She now teaches fashion design at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and recently launched her own business, Faire Child Makewear.
“When I set out on the pursuit to make a children’s clothing line, it being sustainable was my driving factor,” she said.
“I didn’t want to make any clothing that would have a negative impact on the environment because it is simply not an option for the world anymore.”
Made for prolonged outdoor play and catering to children between the ages of three and 10, Osler said she also designed Faire Child Makewear to be durable.
“It is an innovation, in fact it’s the only brand in Canada specifically from the research we’ve done to have children’s outerwear that is recyclable and comes from 100 per cent recycled content,” Osler explained.
“Another unique (thing about) our clothes is they are based off vintage, heritage-inspired patterns. We have actually taken patterns that were built for movement and durability and built to last a long time and used those patterns to develop our children’s wear styles.”
Osler recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to bring her clothing line to potential customers wanting to purchase them from not only Nova Scotia but from as far away as B.C., Japan and Europe.
“You can throw (these) in the washing machine and can throw them in the dryer if you need to,” she explained.
“They are also dirt repellent, soft, lightweight and easy to pack. We’ve already had a lot of people say please make it for adults.”
The crowdfunding campaign runs until Nov. 26. Osler has reached almost $5,000 of the $20,000 goal needed to bring the clothing line to life.
“We are nothing without people supporting us and spreading the word,” she said.
“We are trying to create social change here in the way people approach their clothing in terms of waste and longevity.”

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