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Halifax winter parking ban enforcement still being contracted out

HRM announced just days ago that it was bringing parking enforcement in house citing poor contractor performance. Now it's looking for another contractor.

A car parked in the snow in Halifax last year.

Jeff Harper/Metro / Metro Web Upload

A car parked in the snow in Halifax last year.

Some Halifax parking enforcement is still going to be outsourced, even though the municipality said earlier this week its own employees would be handing out tickets.

A request for standing offers (RFSO) posted online seeks an on-demand contractor to handle enforcement of the winter parking ban in HRM during the upcoming season.

“The parking ban is unpredictable, so it makes sense from a budget perspective to outsource that area of parking enforcement rather than hiring additional compliance officers,” municipal spokesperson Nick Ritcey said in an interview.

This comes just days after the municipality terminated its parking enforcement contract with G4S, opting to hire nine new parking enforcement officers of its own. That decision was made because the municipality hasn’t been happy with the performance of its last few contractors.

Despite those performance issues, Ritcey said HRM is confident the new contract will make its expectations clear.

“And I would say that, based on the fact we have moved recent services in house, that is going to be sending a message to contractors that we are very serious that they maintain a high level of service to Halifax, and we definitely expect the best from the next companies we hire,” Ritcey said.

The on-call winter parking ban enforcement team described in the RFSO would consist of six parking enforcement officers and six vehicles.

Between Dec. 15 and Mar. 31, the team would work between 12:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. when the parking ban is in effect. The contractor would be given 12 hours notice when the ban is in place.

The ban was in place 21 times last year, 14 the year before, and 48 during the hellish winter of 2014-15. The infrequency of the work means contractors will bid on the job on a per-deployment basis, rather than the cost of the whole season.

Submissions for the RFSO are due on Nov. 15.

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