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The best fall of all: Halifax to be among warmest in Canada this November

The above-average temperatures Halifax saw in October should continue for the rest of the season.

A cyclist takes advantage the warm weather on the Dartmouth waterfront on Wednesday.

Zane Woodford/Metro

A cyclist takes advantage the warm weather on the Dartmouth waterfront on Wednesday.

Sorry, Canada - looks like Nova Scotia’s good weather isn’t fading anytime soon, making our province the place to be in November.

David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, said Wednesday this month will continue the warm pattern set by October; temperatures this week should stay in the double digits except for dipping to seven this Sunday, with lots of sunshine.

“Nature’s not punishing you because you’ve stolen all the good weather,” Phillips joked.

When looking at November overall, Phillips said their map of Canada shows colder than normal temperatures over the whole country - except the Maritimes and “particularly” Nova Scotia which should actually be warmer than normal.

Our region’s “good news” has a lot to do with residual heat left over from the warmer water in our ocean, land, lakes and rivers, Phillips said - while Ontario worries about frost and western Canada deals with huge snowfalls.

“You guys are enjoying the nice, balmy weather. Well, this is nature working overtime for you guys ... it wasn’t a nicer fall so far,” Phillips said.

Also, it wasn’t your imagination: Halifax’s “truly spectacular” October was one for the record books.

Phillips said not only was it interesting to see Halifax hit three or four degrees above normal in every category this October, but just how persistent those nice days were, with no hint of frost.

“Bottle it, package it, because it will never get better than that,” Phillips said.

“Most people are happy just with September being the good month, and October is just a bonus - well in this case it’s a lottery win.”

Looking at the numbers taken at the Halifax airport, Phillips said for October the mean high temperature was 17.1 degrees, with normal at 13.1 - which is a “head shaker,” Phillips said, because typically a really warm month in N.S. might hit about 1.5 degrees higher than normal.

“This was four degrees warmer than normal - this is something you’d see on the prairies, not in a marine location,” he said.

The mean daily low temperature was 7.6 degrees (with normal at 4.2), and the average mean monthly temperature was 12.4 while the normal is 8.7 degrees.

The previous average high for October had been 15.7 degrees in 1963 and 2001, Phillips said - a record which this year “annihilated” - and it also shattered the previous daily low which was 6.9 degrees in 1995.

Phillips said this year’s monthly mean average of 12.4 degrees also beat the previous record of 11.2 in 1995.

However, looking at the highest daily temperature reached on Oct.9 with 23.1 degrees, that wasn’t enough to beat the month’s warmest day on record: 30.4 degrees in 2011.

October also had less wet days than normal, Phillips said (nine rather than 12) with monthly precipitation adding up half the normal amount - 66.8 millimetres compared to 125.

“I’m running out of superlatives to talk about what the fall weather has been like.”

Looking ahead to winter, Phillips said it’s hard to estimate specifics but they’re also estimating a “milder than normal” season for Halifax.

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