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Watch: Hypnotic 24-hour donair cam puts a new spin on a Halifax classic

Just hours after launching, the donair webcam, live from Halifax's King of Donair, had already managed to spin its way onto screens around the world.

A screenshot from the Donair cam on Monday afternoon.

Nova Scotia Webcams

A screenshot from the Donair cam on Monday afternoon.

The donair has gone global.

People the world over are watching the cone of spiced meat slowly spinning in front of its grill thanks to the first 24/7 donair webcam based in Halifax, where the donair reigns supreme as the city’s official food.

Less than 12 hours after first going live from King of Donair’s Quinpool Road shop on Monday morning, the webcam had already reached viewers around the globe.

“Donair cam is alive and spinning and well. We’ve hit (viewers on) pretty much every continent already,” King of Donair owner Norman Nahas said on Monday afternoon.

“A lot of people are wondering what a donair is, and a ton of them are just happy to see a look of home and kind of bring back some nostalgia.”

Nahas said the idea for a 24/7 view of the mesmerizing spinning cone of meat was born after Nova Scotia Webcams approached him with the idea.

“A donair is more than just food. It is an experience that brings people back to some good memories. It is entertainment and enjoyment all wrapped in one pita,” he said.

“This is a way to share it with those who can’t really get here to taste it or get it sent to them. I guess it has become the 2017 crackling fireplace for Christmas time.”

Nahas said they have some interactive events planned to encourage people to continue tuning in.

“Day one is just about getting the news out there and getting some interesting exposure, and then we’ll just see how it spins,” he joked.

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