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Voicing reaction: Metro gives space to those who responded to Black in Halifax

Thank you Halifax. Here is a selection of the feedback, positive and negative, we received on last week's feature.

Some of the faces from Black in Halifax. Clockwise, from top left: El Jones, Joee Smith, Insp. Dean Simmonds, Kardeisha Provo, Duane Jones, Janice Borden.

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Some of the faces from Black in Halifax. Clockwise, from top left: El Jones, Joee Smith, Insp. Dean Simmonds, Kardeisha Provo, Duane Jones, Janice Borden.

Our Black in Halifax series ended last week and it received amazing feedback, most of which was positive. To the haters, yes, we heard you as well. But you only remind us why the series was so important and why stories about being Black in Halifax will continue over the coming months.



“#HalifaxwhileBlack = being followed by security in @Sobeys for 2hrs while he decides if your shopping behaviour is normal then having same security tell u that your response to racial profiling is actually u trying to make a statement.”


“Witnessing Black Leaders in Halifax fight each day for our voice to be heard has been devastating. This week we’re in the spotlight which makes me and others understand we must keep talking. They have no choice but to listen. #HalifaxWhileBlack”


“Being put on an IPP in primary and not getting assessed again until grade 10. Living in #HalifaxWhileBlack


“The fact that people are mad at @metrohalifax #HalifaxWhileBlack highlighting African Nova Scotians actually highlights the reason why #HalifaxWhileBlack is significant”


“The countless occasions I’ve been pulled over and after 20-30 minutes of police checking my id they tell me they were looking for a similar vehicle #YeaRight #HalifaxWhileBlack


“This @metrohalifax series on being Black in Halifax is really showing how disgustingly racist and painfully defensive manyyy white people are about the continued plight of African-Nova Scotians”


“@metrohalifax Just trying to stir up s---. The reporters of this rag will do anything to get recognized. Perhaps land a job as a journalist at an outlet that doesn't have to give its product away to get it read.”


“Folks that have an issue with our ppl being highlighted don't understand the positive impact this has on our greater society. But who am I just another black man.”


“@metrohalifax @LindellSmithHFX Important series in paper this week. I am better informed about challenges we still face as a community. #Halifax”


“All week Media has been try to make White peoples embarrassed by the actions of our forefathers against the black peoples, after a while it just goes in one ear out the other because I like so many others are sick of being judged by the actions of others hundreds of years ago”


“Thank you for this important series. The Black Nova Scotian experience is often overlooked.”


“Hey @metrohalifax, I think #BlackInHalifax is truly important reading. Here's hoping that greater understanding will lead the way to ending systemic racism in this city.”


“@metrohalifax#HalifaxWhileBlack.Very interesting & uplifting that you’re doing a segment on Black voices & blacks in general. It is very important that younger from the black people that really live the story and not just those that hear the story. Very proud of Metro for caring”


“You must then ask yourself, if only a few in a community cause problems, why does society paint all of North Preston with the same brush? Why is the whole community looked at as if all the members are like the very few who cause problems? If society continues to treat the whole community by the actions of a few ‘bad ‘individuals, it is a miracle that we have only lost a few young men.

“Yes we could all use more help to make our lives and our children’s lives better. Our children should not have to grow up concerned about leaving our community. They should not have to defend themselves just because of where they come from. But most importantly, they should never be made to feel less than they are because of where they are from.” – Paul Heath

“Hello, I live on the West Coast of Canada. For many years I have been aware of racism in Nova Scotia. Many Canadians across this Country are concerned about the way Black Canadians are treated in your Province. The interview with Mr. Savage, the mayor of Halifax, seemed to have many hopeful words. Will reserve my opinion ‘till future to see if changes occur.” – Nelda Barras

*Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly labelled a Twitter user's handle. It has been corrected, and Metro regrets this error.

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