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Who runs the world in 2018? Girls, says Halifax psychic

With the new year just around the bend, Metro asked for insight into 2018.

Halifax psychic Kelliena Smith

Contributed/Kelliena Smith

Halifax psychic Kelliena Smith

From women taking over the world to the possibility of Halifax getting in the CFL game, Metro looked into what Halifax-based psychic can predict for 2018.

According to psychic Kelliena Smith, the new year is going to bring Halifax into the era of women. Smith said she heard loud and clear that women rising into positions of power was the big message for Halifax in 2018.

She mentioned how the shattering of glass ceilings would occur through tough and open conversations, and it would result in the healing of past wounds.

You know what that means ladies - it is time to get in formation.

Another prediction was that a secret will be revealed about the environment that would also provide further opportunities for the Halifax community to heal.

Metro had some pretty specific questions for Smith as well. When asked what would come of the partially-complete Nova Center, Smith had grim news. She mentioned that there is progress but not completion, and in August an announcement will be made.

News about Halifax being a strong contender for a CFL team has gained yards across the province. Will Haligonians be enjoying a steaming stadium hotdogs at a CFL home game in 2018?

According to Smith, the only hotdogs we will enjoy will be at a family BBQ. She said, "the ambition is there but the funds are not."

Enough about Halifax: we all would like to know what 2018 has in store for each of us. Smith also made predictions based on zodiac signs.

Aries, you will experience a transformation of fear into faith. Gemini, this year is all about friendship. Cancer, you will learn how to put up gentle boundaries. Leo, lady love will hit you hard this year. Virgo, this year you will discover a new passion. Libra, your career or business will take off running. Scorpio, a new professional opportunity awaits.

Sagittarius, this is the year you will raise the bar and not allow anyone to slow you down. Capricorn, this is the year of celebrating and healing with family. Aquarius, you will learn that it is okay to ask for help and support. Pisces, you will have a lot of opportunities to expand your knowledge.

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