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Halifax named a top-five millennial hot spot

85 Canadian cities ranked.

Shops, restaurants and public art line the 10 blocks of boardwalk along the waterfront.


Shops, restaurants and public art line the 10 blocks of boardwalk along the waterfront.

If you’re a millennial looking for a “hot spot” to settle in Canada, Halifax may be one of your best bets.

According to property search website Point2Homes, Halifax is among the top five “millennial hot spots” that this country has to offer.

This week, the company released its ranking of 85 Canadian cities.

Halifax came in at No. 4. Quebec City took top spot, followed by Victoria and Guelph. Ottawa came in behind Halifax at No. 5.

“Quality employment and affordable housing are two key factors that motivate millennials to settle down in a new city. But this upbeat generation obsessed with life-work balance is looking for more than just a well-paying job and a nice house,” notes the write-up accompanying the list.

“They want engaging leisure activities, opportunities to socialize with other like-minded millennials, eco-friendly resources, and a safe but exciting city where they can thrive.”

The site notes it ranked the 85 cities by considering nine factors that contributed to a city’s “overall attractiveness.”

Besides housing affordability and quality employment, they considered unemployment rates, life satisfaction, low crime rates, healthcare, climate, level of education and the percentage of millennials.

“With its highly affordable housing market and low crime rate, Halifax ranks as the fourth most attractive city for millennials,” notes the online write-up.

“As millennials have been powering the housing market, bringing new life into Halifax’s downtown, the city is experiencing a renaissance both in residential and commercial real estate, becoming an attractive destination for young professionals.”

The five least tempting cities for millennials on the list included: Langley (Township), B.C.; Kawartha Lakes, Ont.; Brantford, Ont.; Chilliwack, B.C.; and Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

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