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Halifax buys 197 acres of land for Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Regional Park

The municipality won't say what they paid, only that it was purchased from West Bedford Holdings.

Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Wilderness.

Jeff Harper / Metro file photo

Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Wilderness.

The municipality has bought about 200 acres of land for part of a Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes Regional Park.

In a release issued Friday afternoon, HRM says the roughly 197 acres of land in the Hobson Lake area is to the back of properties along Collins Road and next to provincial Crown lands designated as a wilderness section.

“This important acquisition marks the first parcel of land to be acquired by the municipality towards the creation of the regional park, which is proposed in the municipality’s Regional Plan,” a statement from HRM reads.

The municipality doesn’t say what it paid for the land, only that it was acquired from West Bedford Holdings.

“(It) will both enable public access into the regional park and support the protected wilderness area by acting as a buffer between it and developed lands,” the release goes on to say.

“The acquisition includes provision for a future regional park trailhead entrance that is anticipated to be developed with parking and services for park users. The entrance will be achieved as part of the parkland dedication process as the company develops the next stages of its Bedford West community, which is anticipated in the next four to six years.”

The municipality says they plan to consult with the public this spring about future planning.

Friday’s news wasn’t surprising. Back in November, the city voted behind closed doors to enter into an agreement of purchase and sale related to the Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Park.

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