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Halifax-area men accused of leaving dogs out in the cold

A Spryfield man appealed the seizure of his pitbull, found "freezing and tethered outside during a cold snap." He got the dog back.

The Nova Scotia SPCA logo

The Nova Scotia SPCA logo

Two Halifax-area men are facing animal cruelty charges after allegedly leaving dogs out in the cold, and in one case the dog was returned to the owner.

The Nova Scotia SPCA sent out two news releases on Monday, announcing charges against the men.

The first man, Gary Simmonds of North Preston, was charged with causing animals to be in distress, failing to provide animals with adequate water and food and confining animals to an enclosure with inadequate space and insanitary conditions.

A complaint against Simmonds was made in November 2017, and the SPCA said its officers found a female dog with a litter of puppies living in an outdoor pen “with an inadequate source of shelter.”

The officers ordered the man to bring the dogs inside, but when they returned two days later, the SPCA said they found them back outside. They seized the mother and her eight puppies.

The second man, Gary Franklin of Spryfield, has been charged with causing his dog to be in distress.

The SPCA said it got a call from Halifax police saying they’d seized a pitbull after it was found “freezing and tethered outside during a cold snap for several hours in January.” The dog was also found to have untreated medical issues.

Franklin appealed the seizure with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture’s Animal Cruelty Appeal Board. The board overturned the seizure and ordered the dog returned to the owner.

“I’m very disappointed and concerned that the appeal board has once again returned an animal to a situation after it was placed in harm’s way and suffering from untreated medical illness.  It is very important that we send a strong message that you cannot leave your pet outside in freezing temperatures, and this isn’t it,” SPCA Chief Provincial Inspector JoAnne Landsburg said in the news release.

Franklin is due in court in Halifax on Mar. 8. Simmonds is due in court in Dartmouth on Feb, 22.

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