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Halifax police hoping to buy 5,000 challenge coins to 'recognize and commend'

The coins will be gold and blue, 1.75” in diameter, with the Halifax Regional Police logo on one side and an officer 'interacting in the community' on the other side.

One of the last batch of Halifax Regional Police challenge coins, posted online at

One of the last batch of Halifax Regional Police challenge coins, posted online at

Halifax Regional Police are looking to buy up to 5,000 challenge coins to recognize employees, visitors and partners and to hand out at milestones.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) was posted online on Tuesday asking for companies to bid on supplying the coins.

“Challenge coins are a common form of recognition among police organizations. HRP has had challenge coins in the past as well,” spokesperson Const. Carol McIsaac said in an email.

“This will be a long-term investment as a mechanism to recognize and commend employees and visiting agencies and partners, as well as to be handed out at key HRP milestones.”

The department is looking for “high quality, durable HRP challenge coins that reflect the colours, culture, stature and formal appearance of HRP while also demonstrating pride in the region and community HRP serves,” the RFP said.

The coins have to be gold and blue, 1.75” (4.45 cm) in diameter, and have the HRP logo on one side, with “an image of an HRP police officer interacting in the community on the other side.”

“They need to be representative of HRP’s stature as a leading municipal police department in Atlantic Canada, and should reflect well on the Office of the Chief of Police,” the RFP said.

The RFP closes on Feb. 20, the winning bidder will be chosen on Feb. 26, and HRP wants to have the coins by March 31.

“We will be evaluating the responses before making the final decision on the quantity,” McIsaac said.

The last time HRP bought the coins was in 2013. According to the June 2013 RFP and the results, they paid $720 for 250 “shiny silver, die cast” coins from the lowest bidder, China Mapleleaf Craft.

If HRP paid the same price this time around and purchased 5,000 coins, the price tag would be $14,400.

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