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Glaze report 'snubs' Nova Scotia's Black community: Black Educators Association

The group's president says she was 'shocked' to see Glaze state she had consulted with the BEA when that never happened.

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Members of the Black Educators Association (BEA) have added their voices to the chorus of people blasting the Glaze report.

Karen Hudson, BEA president, said Monday their organization was not “invited or requested” to give any input into Avis Glaze review of the N.S. education system’s administration after her group released a statement titled 'Glaze Report Snubs the Black Community!'

“It was blatantly a disregard to our input, in terms of our voices, in terms of elected individuals that represent communities and are in contact with what’s happening on the ground,” Hudson said.

“You’re just shocked that this would happen and you wouldn’t be part of that consultation.”

Although in her report, Glaze states she “met with representatives” from groups like the Council on African Canadian Education (CACE) and the Black Educators Association, Hudson said she’s referring to the one BEA rep who also sits on CACE -which is appointed - and that one person doesn’t represent an entire organization.

Hudson says the BEA itself never had an invitation to sit down with Glaze, so she “didn’t speak with the grassroot organization.”

The release also said that discussions about the achievement gap and educational equity and equality in math and literacy “continues to be at the forefront” in the Black community.

“Today we are grappling with this decision,” the release said.

Hudson said the BEA is open to sitting down with the education minister about African Nova Scotian issues in the system to have a proper consultation - because “you’ve got to make sure your voice is not ignored.”

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