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'Heartwarming:' Black Panther fundraiser doubles goal, now renting two Halifax theatres

Quentrel Provo says he's blown away by how generous Halifax residents have been as they near their new goal of $7,000.

Quentrel Provo

Zane Woodford / Metro

Quentrel Provo

After the Black Panther fundraiser took off faster than he had ever imagined, Quentrel Provo is now taking 400 kids to the movies thanks to donations from “real superheroes.”

Provo, Stop the Violence founder, launched a GoFundMe campaign last Wednesday for $3,500 with the goal of taking 200 kids to see Black Panther for free - a goal which they reached easily by Friday.

Provo said he reopened the crowdfunder on Saturday with a new goal of $7,000 so they could take 400 kids instead - which they were closing in on by Monday evening when it sat at $6,762.

“I didn’t think it was going to be like this but it is, it’s an amazing thing,” Provo said.

After media attention from Metro and other Halifax outlets last week, Provo said he was “ecstatic, excited and overwhelmed” to see just how many people wanted to pitch in with donations to ensure young Black kids and teens got to see the film.

There’s been lots of excitement swirling around the new Black Panther movie, the first mega blockbuster with a predominantly African American cast and director.

Many cities across North America are hosting similar fundraisers to send Black youth to see the film, as it’s such a powerful and unique example of representation which Provo hopes will inspire kids in Halifax.

Provo said he’s been calling the donors “the real MVPs and superheroes in making this happen.”

“It’s been such a heartwarming feeling [seeing] support pouring in, even just the people that have been messaging to say ‘This is amazing and you’re doing amazing work.’ It’s been much appreciated and this is going to go a long way - a simple donation could be life-changing,” Provo said.

Besides the GoFundMe, Provo said people have offered to donate their Scene points or buy a couple tickets on the side - “a lot of crazy support.”

Provo said he’s just firmed up the details with Cineplex and they’re renting two theatres next Thursday (Feb.22): one that holds roughly 300 people plus a smaller one that holds a bit more than 100.

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