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Halifax to sell off deteriorating Bloomfield property after province opts out

The condition and the future of the property, a former Halifax school and community centre, is uncertain.

Bloomfield Centre.

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Bloomfield Centre.

With the province opting not to buy it, the condition and the future of the Bloomfield property in Halifax is uncertain.

An information report to council on the property, a former school and community centre, was brought to regional council on Tuesday.

Council voted last summer to offer the property to the province, to be used for a new school for the Halifax Regional School Board or the French school board, Conseil scolaire acadien provincial.

The province told HRM the property doesn’t work for a school.

“It was the last kind of Hail Mary pass to hopefully get the province on board to do something that would’ve been positive,” Coun. Lindell Smith told reporters after the meeting.

“Sadly, they’re not going to do that, and I know both school boards are disappointed. But we tried, we tried to give the opportunity and they passed it up, so now let’s try to give another opportunity, which hopefully will build affordable housing and arts space and whatever else will come out of it.”

Council’s motion last summer stipulated that if the building wasn’t sold to the province, it would be sold on the market and the principals of the Bloomfield Master Plan – things like affordable housing and arts and culture space – would be included as conditions on the sale.

In the meantime, staff are preparing a report on the condition of the deteriorating buildings on the site, which cost $86,000 annually to maintain.

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