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Man charged after going 74 km/h above speed limit in Nova Scotia

The 29-year-old was spotted going 154 km/h in an 80km/h zone on a highway in Chester.

An RCMP badge

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An RCMP badge

A Nova Scotia man is facing charges after police clocked him going almost 75 kilometres per hour over the posted speed limit with an already suspended license.

The incident occurred on Highway 14 in Chester around 2:40 p.m. Sunday when a member of the RCMP Southeast Traffic Service saw a vehicle driving 154 km/h in an 80km/h zone.

The 29-year-old man from Italy Cross was charged for stunting and driving while suspended.

In accordance with the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act, stunting fines in Nova Scotia are slightly over $2,400.

The man’s license continues to be suspended and his vehicle was seized.

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