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Workers asked to make change, give back too much in sleight-of-hand scam

The RCMP in Nova Scotia say one business is out $800, and another $160.


Police in Nova Scotia are reminding workers in the province to be on alert for the quick-change scam.

The RCMP say the scam involves sleight-of-hand techniques used to try and confuse the victim when money is being exchanged.

On March 1 police say a bank employee in Digby realized they were short $800 after two men exchanged $2,000 in small bills for larger ones.

On Feb. 28, police say another worker at a grocery store in Yarmouth realized they were missing $160 after two men asked a clerk to exchange three $100 bills for $20s.

“Employees who handle cash are reminded to be mindful and vigilant of this scam, particularly when individuals use larger bills or ask for change,” a police release warns.

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