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Arsonist on the loose in Nova Scotia as several homes destroyed by fire

The RCMP say five houses were deliberately set on fire in one Nova Scotia community.



Police in Nova Scotia say they are looking for at least one arsonist after four homes were destroyed by fire.

The RCMP in Cumberland County say there have been five fires in recent weeks in the Collingwood area, all at abandoned houses in the community near Oxford.

“We're concerned that the person or people responsible for these fires could get hurt, or cause injury to someone else," Staff Sgt. Craig Learning of the RCMP said in a statement.

“These fires are putting a significant draw on community resources, and we're concerned for the safety of our members and other first responders who are called to these scenes. We need the community's help to solve this.”

The fires took place between Feb. 5 and 27. Four of the abandoned homes were destroyed and another was damaged. Police say all of the fires were deliberately set.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RCMP in Nova Scotia or Crime Stoppers.

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