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Investigation reveals man slipped from third-storey balcony while evading Halifax police

The province's Serious Incident Response Team says the male who fled slipped and ended up with injuries to his head, back and neck.

Halifax Regional Police.

Staff / Metro Halifax

Halifax Regional Police.

The province’s Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) says there will be no charges laid against members of Halifax Regional Police after someone went over a third-floor balcony and suffered head injuries.

According to SiRT and a release issued Wednesday, police were called to an apartment building on Evans Avenue in Fairview on Jan. 13 in relation to a disturbance call.

“The male was the ex-boyfriend of a tenant in the building who was not home at the time. Police received permission to enter the apartment and remove the male,” the release says.

SiRT says the male wouldn’t listen to the officer’s request to open the door so police broke the chain lock and came in.

“When entry was made, the male had left the apartment via the balcony. Officers went out on the balcony and observed the male lying on the ground below with blood coming from his head,” the release goes on to say.

The male in question suffered injuries to his head, neck and back. According to SiRT, he said later in an interview that he slipped going over the balcony railing trying to avoid police.

“The male’s injuries occurred from his accidental fall off the balcony. His decision was made in an effort to evade the police and there was no interaction with any of the responding officers giving rise to any injury. Therefore, there are no grounds for any charges,” the release ends.

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