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Toronto firm to redesign Hamilton website

The City of Hamilton has hired a Toronto company to help with a much-needed upgrade to its website.

The city has engaged Cordon Media Inc. to "redesign the visual look and feel" of the site, which has changed little over the past eight years and has drawn an increasing number of complaints from users.

Jay Adams, project manager for the city, said the design will need to balance a slick look but be simple so users can find the information they need quickly. It also needs to enable staff to update content and adapt the site to their needs.

The aim is to "create an exciting and dynamic visual design for the city's new website, using images that portray the unique qualities of Hamilton and its citizens and businesses," the city said in advertising the posting.

Adams said finding the right look to satisfy all Hamiltonians will be a challenge.

"Some people want it to reflect our heritage and past, but others want it to look to the future."

Three different designs will be shown to a citizen panel and the look should emerge in about three months, Adams said, but the changes likely won't be visible until sometime next year.

Cordon Media recently won a 2013 Interactive Media Awards Best in Class in the government category for a recent website project with municipalities in the Calgary area. There were 137 entries in this category from around the world.

The city received seven bids for the contract but only two met all the criteria and were given consideration. Cordon's bid of $58,865 was accepted. The other bid came in at more than $150,000.

Cordon had "the quality and the experience we needed," Adams said. "We don't get to do a redo."

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