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Ugly for a cause at King's University College

They've raided thrift stores, dug through attics and pulled out all those not-so-lovely presents from their grandmas.

Now, staff and students at Western's King's University College are strutting their stuff in the most not-so-fashion-forward sweaters money can buy.

“Really, ugly is subjective,” staff member Todd Morrison said Tuesday, donning a '90s-style sweater with a pattern reminiscent of Space Invaders.

“I kind of like it,” he added, laughing.

Morrison and other members of King's Green Team are hoping their faux pas can spread into the greater community for what can only be described as an all out “ugly sweater invasion” on Thursday.

Folks at the World Wildlife Fund are hoping the same. The nonprofit has picked Feb. 9 as National Sweater Day, asking people to take action against climate change by turning down their thermostats and putting on their favourite sweater.

King's ' and some other groups participating across the nation ' tossed in the ugly angle to spice things up a bit. Like the WWF, the Green Team is hoping to get a clear message across while having a little fun.

“The whole idea … is that we're trying to promote sustainability through energy conservation,” said Sarah Morrison, a King's employee and the team's leader.

As for the people who may laugh as she walks by, Sarah's not too worried. Practically a lifelong environmental activist, she's used to taking a bit of teasing for her cause.

“I'm known for picking water bottles out of garbage cans,” she said.

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