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Governor-General David Johnston gets an earful from youth during local tour

If they were overwhelmed, they certainly didn’t show it.

More than 75 local student leaders got the chance to share their ideas on youth engagement with Canada’s governor general Wednesday at Western University.

The roundtable comes as David Johnston works to build a framework for a “smart and caring nation.”

Johnston, who’s spending two days in London, spoke little during the event. More than anything, he listened — giving only a few brief remarks before moving from table to table filled with young faces.

As far as organizers are concerned, what Johnston heard could very well prompt some big results.

“I think (youths) have a lot to offer, and thoughts that we need to hear,” said Andrew Lockie, CEO of the United Way of London and Middlesex.

The United Way hosted the event, pulling together a group of youths who represented as many perspectives as possible.

If the significance was, by some chance, lost on the students, it wasn’t lost on Lockie.

“More important than anything else, this is a chance for them to influence and share their ideas with the governor general of Canada,” he said. “Our overall objective is that youth feel highly engaged and the governor general receive useful information so he can provide the kind of caring nation he hopes to create.”

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