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Hockey tough guy delivers helping hand to London hospital

On the ice, NHLer Brandon Prust is known as a gritty, determined player.

His strength, however, may not come close to that of the kids he’s met at the Children’s Hospital of Southwestern Ontario.

When he played for the London Knights, Prust spent many hours touring the hospital, talking to and getting to know the kids fighting cancer and other diseases.

Somewhere, at some point, Prust, a London native, dedicated himself to finding a way to help.

Now, through his foundation, Prusty4Kids, he’s bringing the martial arts program Kids Kicking Cancer to Canada. The program will be based out of Children’s Hospital.

The program aims to help Prust’s young fans deal with the pain they experience during treatment.

“(Kids Kicking Cancer) is basically the whole point of my charity,” said Prust who raised a $129,888 during his inaugural golf tournament last year.

The program teaches kids breathing and meditation techniques to help them through chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

For Liam Hepburn, who first met Prust a number of years ago, the techniques are a huge help.

“I thought it would help a lot for when I get my needles,” said Hepburn. “I thought it would help make them not hurt as much, and it does. It really helps a lot.”

Liam’s father, Chris has noting but praise for the program and Prust’s efforts to help his son.

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