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Stop the yellow, save the green: Londoners encouraged to opt out of Yellow Pages delivery

A Forest City campaigner is out to save paper and help the city cut recycling costs by encouraging people to refuse delivery of the Yellow Pages.

Jesse Helmer, who leads the Better London “good ideas” campaign, wants people to sign up online.

Helmer, whose 33rd birthday is Monday, said: “Nobody, as far as we can tell, nobody wants a Yellow Pages delivered to people who don’t want them.

“The people who have them delivered don’t want them, Yellow Pages don’t want to deliver them and the city doesn’t want to pick them up and recycle them.

“Nobody is opposed to this idea of opting out. Yellow Pages started it themselves a couple of years ago.

“But the take-up has only been 1 per cent. So the problem is that people don’t know about it. We just want Londoners to know they can opt out.”

As of Sunday, Better London’s campaign had attracted 164 people, with a target of 500.

Yellow Pages could not be reached for comment, but Better London’s Facebook page shows the company supports the idea.

Spokesman Jean-Phillipe Boutin posted that the company has cut its paper use by 60 per cent in four years and more Canadians are using its websites and apps.

He said directories account for less than 0.6 per cent of Ontario’s recycling costs and Yellow Pages pays half.

Five other uses for a phone book:

  • Training for a circus strongman

  • Booster seats for short drivers

  • Helpful doorstop on a hot day

  • Keep a computer monitor at eye level

  • Best weapon against an army of ants

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