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London company turns sunshine into laptop power

The beep of a low-battery notification is enough to throw laptop users into panic.

Worry no longer, say the folks at WeWi Telecommunications Inc.

The London-based company has developed what’s being billed as the first “affordable” solar-powered laptop.

The company is keeping the price tag under wraps until an official unveil Wednesday at the London Convention Centre. But, it’s expected to be cheaper than the only other option on the market, officials said.

WeWi plans to start distributing the units to schools across Africa soon, starting in Ghana then moving to Kenya and, hopefully, to South Africa at some point.

The company’s leaders started working on the design after developing an Internet network on several parts of the continent, said chief technology officer Roland Carson.

With the network in place, they realized there was only piece missing — computers, but not the conventional kind, Carson noted.

Solar power, Carson said, was the only way to go. For every two hours it spends in the sun, WeWi Telecommunications’ laptop will run for eight to 10 hours, officials say.

“The (electricity) infrastructures are old, and the population has grown exponentially,” he said. “We have built something specifically for them.”

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