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Doctors getting ‘toolkit’ to help London cancer survivors

The success of saving the lives of breast-cancer patients has led to a new pressure on doctors.

How to help the survivors is a pressing problem, and that’s led to a new app designed as a “toolkit” for doctors.

Pink Notes has been developed by the South West Regional Cancer Program, which includes London, to help doctors know what to expect, medically, from former cancer sufferers.

Dr. Jan Owen, primary care lead for the cancer program said: “We’re doing such a good job in general as a society, as a cancer centre, as patients, as physicians at improving survivorship for breast cancer.

“I think we’re over 95 percent now in terms of survivorship.”

The guide, which is also available in paper form, will help family physicians make the right decisions, she said, adding: “It’s not just cancer. It’s the whole nine yards for us.”

Owen said the more support tools that are available, the more confidence doctors can have in dealing with patients.

“This is the kind of support that reminds us what we need to do on a regular basis,” she said.

Physician lead Dr. Tracy Sexton said the guide “outlines the suggested follow-up for cancer patients, and it also lists all the potential side-effects that patients may be experiencing.”

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