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Students welcome again at London's former Club Rouge

It’s back to the future for Fanshawe and Western students who were banned from Club Rouge last fall.

The Piccadilly St. bar has new ownership, a new name, a new look and a rediscovered desire for students and the revenue they bring with them.

Former owner John Scott-Pearse barred students last year because he claimed they bring more trouble than they’re worth. His biggest beef was his contention that students drank all night at home, and then went to his bar to cause trouble.

That was then.

Welcome to the brave, new world of the Gatsby Sound House & Bar. New owner Nick Spina is up to his elbows in renovations for the Sept. 6 opening and, yes, students will be welcome.

How much does he want them back? His Facebook page pulls no punches.

“A two-room venue with a Co2 cannon blowing, roof shaking, shirt-off flexing, body-shot taking, 900-person capacity venue with weekly events, world-renowned talent and weekly parties!”

In an interview, he tones it down a notch.

“I’ve got two rooms in there,” he said. “One holds 270 people and the other and my concept is you have the option that if you just want to have a drink and watch the game, you can that. If you want to celebrate your birthday in a booth, you can go to the other room and do that.”

Spina, at the tender age of 23, said he’s been involved with every aspect of the business. He’s been a bartender, worked security, managed and marketed at a number of establishments in the city. Now, he’s ready to take the helm and hopes previously unwanted students come along for the ride.

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