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London gets ready to make more noise on New Year’s Eve

London’s New Year’s Eve could be about to get louder.

After much debate, city council members agreed Tuesday night to find ways to allow a one-night-only exemption to noise control bylaws for the event in Victoria Park.

But it wasn’t straightforward. While some, notably Mayor Joe Fontana, said the city should allow a good party, some were against the change.

“Everybody’s having a good time,” Coun. Judy Bryant said. “I don’t know what the problem is. There’s no need for us to go deaf in the process.”

The problem, as Coun. Harold Usher explained, is the city supports the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve in the park with $15,000, then fines it $500 for breaking noise bylaws. He even suggested increasing the grant by $500.

In the end, however, most councillors expressed support for the noise exemption, voting 9-6 against a motion to ignore it.

There was support for a motion from Coun. Denise Brown to ask city staff to work with Rockin’ New Year’s Eve organizers, who include Ed Holder MP, to find a way to make the exemption work.

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