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Western University students fighting for Fair Trade in London

Think carefully about what you eat, students and staff at Western University are being told.

Members of the university’s Engineers Without Borders group are asking people to consider where their food and drink is coming from.

Are its producers getting a fair deal?

Fair Trade lead Alex Hockin insists they should, and people should buy Fair Trade goods whenever they can.

“It’s a stepping stone for my generation making trade more fair for producers in developing countries,” she said. “In the past we’ve become accustomed to our products becoming so much cheaper, at the expense of producers having a proper quality of life.”

The passionate student activists led by Hockin are taking part in Canada’s first national Fair Trade Campus event, which is this week. They will have a stand in the University Community Centre Thursday as they try to spread the message.

Already the community centre’s café — the Spoke — sells Fair Trade coffee and tea, and Fair Trade Western, a sub-group within Engineers Without Borders, is campaigning for everyone to get involved.

Members have been working with the student council and the university’s hospitality services to increase the number of certified products on campus.

They have also organized a coffee loyalty card which gives people a free coffee if they stick with Fair Trade.

Keep it fair

— Engineers Without Borders is a movement of professional engineers, students, overseas volunteer staff and supporters across Canada.

—  The aim is to create opportunities for positive change in the lives of rural Africans in Zambia, Malawi, Ghana and Burkina Faso.

— Visit to learn more.

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