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100 Men Who Care let their spirits shine for London charity

They’re the men who care, and they’ve already proved it.

The group that’s set out to support good causes in London made its first donation Wednesday.

It’s called 100 Men Who Care, and it’s an offshoot of the similarly-named women’s group. Both exist to support registered charities in the city.

The first of many recipients was the El Sistema Orchestra, the program based at the Aeolian Hall that gives children free music lessons.

But, as the Aeolian’s executive director, Clark Bryan, was expressing gratitude, 100 Men Who Care co-founder Michael Koenig was explaining there’s plenty of good work still to come.

“Six of us came together to start Men Who Care,” said Koenig. “It was modelled on the 100 Women organization and it’s a London chapter.”

Members sign up for just four meetings a year, he said, each costing $100. Each member nominates a charity and three are drawn from a hat. Then, they pitch their good cause and members vote for which one gets the money paid into the pool.

The name may mention the number 100, but the group’s grown beyond that. Already there are 165 “men who care” and the women’s group, which works in the same way, has more than 300 members.

So Wednesday’s donation to the Aeolian, which was pitched by member Dave Southen, was $16,500.

With more people joining all the time, future donations are expected to be even bigger.

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