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Londoners sock it to ‘em with Socktober

It’s that time of year when toes need to be getting cosy, but some Londoners can’t join in.

That’s why the entrepreneurs at London sock makers Cole and Parker have issued a call to join an international movement.

Started by YouTube sensation Kid President — a kid who makes plain statements encouraging young people to get involved in their communities — the Socktober campaign asks people to help good causes through the awesome power of socks.

All you have to do to get involved is buy some Cole and Parker socks or donate socks from elsewhere to the London Food Bank.

Cole and Parker makes brightly-coloured socks that help people make a statement, and a portion of proceeds from each sale goes to a good cause. So the Socktober event, like the socks, is a perfect fit.

“It’s a really cool idea,” said Cole and Parker business developer Samantha Laliberte. “We decided to partner with (the Socktober organizer) on this initiative as ‘giving back’ is so ingrained in our company.

“Proceeds from each of our sock sales goes to Kiva to distribute micro loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Now we want people to help Socktober by donating socks or making another contribution in the community.”

There’s only a week of Socktober left, and Cole and Parker say they will make a large donation of food and money to the London Food Bank before the end of the month.

How to help

— To support Socktober in London, you can buy Cole and Parker socks, with a proportion of proceeds going to charity.

— The other route is to make a donation, including socks, to the London Food Bank. If socks aren’t your thing, the food bank accepts nonperishable foods, including canned fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

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