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A Star Trek tragedy: Holodeck shirt boldly stolen from London fan

Open hailing frequencies, because James Chwojka has a message for the person who stole his shirt.

The Star Trek fan is making an appeal after a thief beamed into his car — with help from a jimmy -—and grabbed his favourite t-shirt.

Chwojka fully embraces the positive principles that run society in the science fiction show. He doesn’t care about possessions or wealth, just like the crew of the Enterprise, but he wouldn’t mind getting his shirt back.

“I got the Star Trek Catan board game and my girlfriend and I got really into it,” explained Chwojka. “Because we were new to London we didn’t have any friends, we played it a lot. And I mean a lot.

“We had this competition that whoever was the first to win 100 games would get a Star Trek shirt, and I won.”

So, after months of game play, his girlfriend Sarah Paquet bought him a shirt showing Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Commander Will Riker and two alien girls, with the racy slogan “What happens on the holodeck stays on the holodeck.”

“I don’t have any sentimental value for things,” continued Chwojka. “When I moved to London a year ago I had my guitar and my clothes and that was it.

“But because my girlfriend bought this shirt for me it’s the one thing that has sentimental value.

“But it’s ironic to steal a Star Trek shirt because that takes place in the future where there’s no money.”

But, even if the shirt doesn’t come back, Chwojka wishes the thief well.

“I don’t let the badness in other people destroy my goodness,” he said. “I’m not that upset and I hope the guy finds happiness and joy.”

Can you help?

— Do you have the Star Trek t-shirt? Owner James Chwojka isn’t holding out much hope, but he’s still asking for it back.

— It was in a bag taken from a car in a lot at King and York streets on the evening of Oct. 21.

— Chwojka says it can be left in the mailbox at Garlic’s restaurant on Richmond Row, no questions asked.

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