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London breast cancer survivor sharing strength, hope on film

The best stories, they say, are the true ones. They don’t get truer than the one Emily Beeckman has put on film.

The London mother of two stars in and produced the short film Mom has Cancer, which chronicles her journey through a battle with breast cancer and the impact it still has on her and her kids.

The film has been entered in the Breast Fest Film Festival 2014 March 28-30 in Toronto.

The winner gets $500. But, that’s not Beeckman, a psychotherapist, got involved.

“We did the film because we thought it was a way to raise awareness by putting a face to the name,” she said. “I felt strongly that there wasn’t a lot of support in London for young cancer patients, especially single moms who were going through breast cancer.”

She hopes the film will make people more comfortable with the topic and talking about it.

“Young women can get breast cancer, too,” she said. “It’s on the rise in women in their early 20s.”

Beeckman was diagnosed in 2011. She was 36 years old.

“It was fear,” she said of her initial reaction. “I was a single mom with no child support. I was scared of my professional perception, I was scared for my life, I was scared of my children being orphans.

“How was I going to cope with no income and no benefits? I would’ve lost everything, so I hid it.”

Now, three years and four reconstructive surgeries later, all is well, though the magic five-year window for cancer survivors is still ahead.

You can watch Beeckman’s short film and vote for it here. (Warning: video contains nudity.)


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