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Former London councillor Roger Caranci to run for mayor

Roger Caranci was a councillor for three terms, but now he’s got his eye on higher office.

The former east-end member for city council was back at city hall Tuesday night to announce he will run for mayor. A crowd — including colleagues, friends, family and campaign manager Fred Tranquilli, himself a former councillor — stood with him.

“We need to get city hall working, we need to get the people of London working and we need to get council working,” Caranci said. “That is the theme of the campaign: let’s get to work.”

He pledged “no secrets” and open government, promising an open door for the media and a policy of making sure Londoners understand what he does, if elected.

“We need to make sure the City of London gets back to responsible projects for this city to move forward and makes sure that the office of the Mayor of the City of London is restored back to the integrity it should have,” Caranci added.

Caranci left city council to run federally for the Liberals in London-Fanshawe in 2011, but wasn’t successful. Since then he’s been working as a realtor.

Asked about his links to developers and his plans for the London Plan, the city’s new development plan, Caranci said he works with a diverse group of people. He said that the London Plan’s implementation must be affordable.

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