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One London: Health centre launches campaign about hardship, hope to bridge gaps

Londoners should “see one community,” the London InterCommunity Health Centre is saying as it celebrates 25 years.

The centre sharing stories about its clients’ experience in a project it says is about hardship, hope, leadership and economic impact. It was launched Wednesday with young Londoners dancing at Covent Garden Market and making themselves seen and heard through the city’s core.

The aim is to encourage people to look at collective health and well-being, and consider how it affects the way vulnerable people are treated.

The health centre is on Dundas Street just east of Adelaide, and that’s relevant to a campaign that seeks to tackle stereotypes about certain Londoners and parts of London.

“I don’t think we all have a voice equally in the community,” the centre's communications director Megan Cornwell said when asked about the decision to tell clients’ stories.

“I think that we tend to look at the community somewhat divisively at times. This person is successful and this person is not. This person has made good choices and sometimes they’ve not.

“Look at where they live. What side of Adelaide do they live on?”

She said people need to set prejudices aside and look at the similarities between Londoners, which will shine through in a month of stories online.

LIHC executive director Michelle Hurtubise said there will be stories of hope along with hard economic data.

“The economics of health are complicated but we know that, as a country, we’re spending upwards of $80 billion or more per year to deal with poverty, including $7.6 billion on healthcare alone,” she said.

“We want to create more awareness and support for our model which focuses on keeping people well, rather than simply treating the symptoms of sickness.”

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