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London company bought by digital elections giant Scytl

A London business that helps keep places like Western University and the City of Toronto ticking is expecting to see big growth after a takeover.

Akira Systems, which develops human-resources management software, has been bought by Spanish firm Scytl.

That could mean global attention for London. Scytl is looking to turn its new acquisition into a centre that provides human resources support to companies around the globe, Akira CEO Ashraf Ghadban said.

London has been tapped as a site “for new innovation,” he noted, adding: “Our plan now is to grow the organization.”

If you haven’t heard of Scytl, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard about what it does.

The company develops and manages software that runs elections worldwide, ranging from those at universities to those held by political parties.

Scytl’s long list of products can do everything from manage voters lists to monitor social media, and it handles online voting for almost 20 cities in Ontario. The company was in the news earlier this week after delayed results in the Oct. 27 vote left Windsor-area municipalities steaming.

Scytl has apologized saying the delay came after someone noticed an "inconsistency in the naming of certain election results files" and a manual audit was required.

Company CEO Pere Valles said teaming up with Akira will help deal with complexities faced by "electoral bodies around the world" including "identifying, hiring, training, managing and compensating often thousands or even hundreds of thousands of election staff."

Part of Akira’s portfolio is focused specifically on workforce management, and that’s expected to make the digital election world more efficient.

“Together we can help election officials and poll workers standardize workflow and communications, enhancing collaboration and efficiencies between poll workers, electoral supervisors and administrators,” Ghadban said.

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