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Your guide to London's best Halloween haunting grounds

Whether you like spooky stuff, loads of candy or ya' just wanna dance, Halloween in London will meet your bill.

So, let's roll back the dungeon door ….

For a journey deep, deep inside ….

Some of the best things on offer.

Maniacal moonwalking

The weather may be blah — showers all day with the temperature hovering around 6 C — but that's not likely to get in the way of this horde.

Zombies will descend on Victoria Park at 6 p.m. for a walk through London streets in style.

AK Arts Academy has been cooking this up for weeks, offering classes on how to transform yourself into the undead — then dance like your livin' the dream.

Simple explanation: This zombie walk is promising flash mobs of people breaking into some authentic moves from Michael Jackson's Thriller.

In other words, prepare to seal you doom and be found gettin' down. Registration is required, and you can get all the details on this website.

Devilish dancing

Ghouls just wanna dance and have fun, right?

Here's your chance.

The Hilton is hosting what's being called the Halloween Ultimate Party — and this one's all about moving to the beat.

Tickets will be available at the door until 9:30 p.m. for $25 and prizes will awarded for the best costumes. Performers for the night include London musicians Soul Brothers and R&B group Prakash John and The Legendary Lincolns.

Here's a sampler.


Menacing museum 

Think you know Museum London? Think again.

It's about to be cast in a whole new light as Fright Night 5 takes over — inviting you to "get your scare on."

There's palm reading, a frightful photo booth, a haunted house, candy, a costume contest and a bar. Actually, organizers stress there are "multiple bars," which could add to the frightful fun.

Only 100 tickets will be available at the door. Cost is $25.

More details are available on Museum Underground's Facebook page.

Monster Ball

The London Music Hall is bringing back a Halloween tradition for the big kids.

With the event promising that "ghouls, goblins, witches, wizards and things from your worst nightmares" will unite, what's not to love?

Tickets are $15 and $2 beers will be on offer with the party ramping up at 10 p.m. Performers include Loud Luxury, Marvo and Digy.

Check the music hall's website for all the freaky fine points.

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