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Steam Whistle tour to highlight London music scene

Four bands, one night and a great big reminder that indie punk is still alive — and thriving — in London.

Steam Whistle Brewing is bringing its indie music series, Unsigned, to the Forest City on Friday. Working in conjunction with Toronto's Buzz Records, the series features the punk-grunge likes of the beverleys and a little sludge punk from HSY.

Two local acts — I Smell Blood and WHOOP-Szo — round out the bill. Plus, there's a little extra local flavour. Sales from tickets will go to UnLondon, the local digital media group that's all about challenging and, at the same time, embracing ideas built around new technologies.

It's happening at VibraFusion Lab (355 Clarence St.), and doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5.

Here's what you can expect.

the beverleys

The all-female trio got together in 2010 "on a whim," as they say, and they've been rolling ever since.

"Their dual guitar (Joanna Lund, Susan Burke) and drum (Audrey Hammer) attack recalls the time when punk first broke — their sound is imbued with a grungy heaviness characteristic of the Toronto scene but with the sharper and more defined lines of a band too quick to get lost in the murk," Buzz Records says.

When it comes to some of their newest work, dial back to the 90s and think Veruca Salt. It's a pretty close comparison.


HSY (Contributed)

Now dial back another decade, and you've got some of the best punk HSY has on offer.

Formed in 2011, the band recorded its debut self-titled EP in 2013 after turning a small-town church into a recording studio.

The band hit the road this year, taking what Buzz calls its "nerve-shredding introduction to their unique brand of filth" to the UK.

I Smell Blood

I Smell Blood (Courtesy of Brittney K. Robbins)

Working with Out of Sound Records, I Smell Blood is a two-man duo that packs a much larger punch.

The noise-punk "gods," as they've been called, released their newest album Manface this summer.


WHOOP-Szo's Kirsten Palm and Adam Sturgeon (YouTube)

 WHOOP-Szo is known for playing with new sounds and ideas, and it's catching on.

The band released a double-album and an LP earlier this year, all recorded in the northern Inuit village of Salluit, Quebec.

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