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VIDEO: Finding fun in the town that forgot it

Gavin McInnes says growing up bored in Kanata made him and his friends “fun ninjas,” able to create their own amusement anywhere.

“People from Ottawa, a quiet little government town, are actually pretty f---ing fun, I find,” said the co-founder of Vice magazine. “Maybe it's because they're forced to figure out their own fun, like prisoners can make up cool little recipes.”

McInnes returns to his old hometown next Monday to promote his new memoir, How to Piss in Public, which actually doesn't include any advice on that activity.

However, the curious can check out his instructional video of the same name on YouTube (NSFW).

“I just went out to write a funny book,” McInnes said. “I didn't really have an agenda, I didn't have anything political to say and I didn't want to impart any wisdom about life, but I'm realizing now, in retrospect, it actually is a good sort of how-to book on how to live. It's about being a sh-t-stirrer and not being scared of anything and making mistakes and trying stuff and being an entrepreneur who starts businesses but also failing at business and trying to get laid and failing at getting laid.”

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