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Employee sacked at kitchen tied to salmonella outbreak

A franchise owner of a kitchen connected to the salmonella outbreak in

Ottawa said one of his employees has been sacked following a breach of


Jonathan Morris of The Lunch Lady caterer said a staff member didn't properly follow food safety guidelines at his Boyd Avenue Kitchen.

"It was just a stupid mistake that he made," said Morris. "He didn't properly heat up the ground beef sufficiently."

"It's the sort of thing that people do at home, but it's not acceptable here."

All 24 of his staff have been given a refresher course on food safety since the outbreak, he said. The employee in question had been previously trained.

The kitchen on Boyd Avenue has been closed since the investigation started.

Morris said he will decide tomorrow if the kitchen on Boyd Avenue – which has been sanitized – will reopen. His Kanata kitchen was also sanitized and will reopen Wednesday.

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