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NCC's "timid" plans under fire from Ottawa U Prof

Citizens will get their say about the National Capital Commission's plans for the future in its Horizon 2067 strategy and its ideas for Ottawa's light rail transit project Wednesday night. But one Ottawa professor says the commission needs to focus on transportation between Ottawa and Gatineau.

Gilles Paquet, an expert in public management and professor at the University of Ottawa's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, said he hopes the public brings transportation up at the NCC's annual public meeting where the organization  is welcoming citizens to learn more about its initiatives and directly address its board members with ideas and comments.

"There has been very, very timid action taken by the NCC over the past few years on the key issue of transportation," he said. " They’ve had a number of interesting improvements in doing business by offering these public consultations, but the substance of what they’ve achieved is very minimal."

The hundreds of buses that clutter the bridges between Ottawa and Gatineau on a daily basis, Paquet said, are creating chaos on the roads and hindering the growth of the city.

"We still live in the chaos and nothing has been done to coordinate starting work on the both sides of the river," he said. "I would rather hear they’re working on a light train that links Ottawa and Gatineau. Then we would have a real transportation hub.

At the meeting, a presentation by NCC CEO Marie Lemay will detail the upcoming steps that are part of the Horizon 2067: Plan for Canada's Capital study in which the organization is trying to envision the city's future, said NCC spokesman Mario Tremblay.

Join the NCC's Board of Directors Meeting from 9:30 am to 2:50 pm and Annual Public Meeting from 7 pm to 9:30 pm at NCC Headquarters at 40 Elgin Street in room 324.

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