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Ottawa gets A Little Bit Zombie

Brains and never ending quest for more brains is the driving force behind an award-winning new zombie comedy debuting in Ottawa May 18.

A Little Bit Zombie tells the story of Steve, a mild-mannered HR manager on a getaway weekend with his bridezilla of a fiancee, sister and best friend. When he's infected with a virus that has him longing for brains over beers, Steve must outwit a tenacious zombie hunter with the help of his friends.

The film has so far scooped up five awards at festivals, including the Canadian Film Fest, where it won for best feature film.

"That one was a special win because it was on my home turf and there were some really good films screened there," said director Casey Walker.

"I was working on making my first feature film with this one to be my second," Walker said, "but the script was so good that I wanted to make it right away."

Over a few bottles of wine, Walker was able to land Stephen McHattie, a character actor with rolls in Watchmen, 300 and A History of Violence in the role of Max, the zombie hunter.

"Stephen was great and I had a lot of fun with him," Walker said. "His years of experience and talent were invaluable, but we had a very, very strong cast who all have amazing careers in their own right."

A Little Bit Zombie screens at the Mayfair theater May 18, 21 and 22 and Walker hopes to attend one of the showings to interact with the audience and field questions.

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