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Knight brings cross-country love crusade to Ottawa

A modern-day knight and his horse are crossing Canada on crusade of love.

"I'm crossing Canada on horse and I'm doing this to sensitize people to honour and friendship and valour," said Vincent Gabriel Kirouac, as he and his horse Cœur de Lion stopped at a mall parking lot on St. Joseph Boulevard in Orleans Wednesday morning.

"I'm trying to help people when I see them. I'm trying to give people a hand and bring a dream in their lives," "When people see a knight in shining armour and they see the horse, children get excited, adults get amazed and if they can get amazed and relaxed for 10 seconds and stop rushing to go everywhere, my day will be done."

He said he began his journey near Rivière-du-Loup and has travelled about 700 kilometres. He has been camping and staying at stables, hosted by strangers. Wednesday's journey is bringing him from Cumberland to Nepean National Equestrian Park.

He was inspired by the Lord of the Rings movies. "They were all different, but they were fighting together no matter what," he said. "That was nice, and I thought I'd like to see that in the world."

His fiancée, who calls him on the cell phone he wears on his belt, is supportive of his journey, he said.

"That was quite hard in the beginning," he said. His fiancée had considered coming with him, but instead the two will go to Europe when his journey is complete--but not on horseback. Cœur de Lion will deserve a break, he said.

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