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Passport takes coffee lovers on tour of city's best independent brews

Grab your favourite mug and get ready for a tour of Ottawa's best little-known independent coffee shops with the Indie Coffee Passport.

Launched at the beginning of the month, the $14 voucher lets holders try brews from 12 local haunts like Cafe Morala in The Glebe and Collected Works in Westborough. Customers can get a coffee or tea beverage at each location up to a value of $4.50.

"People should try what they normally get and compare from one shop to another," said passport co-creator Richard H, who said that he and his partner Adrienne, who first launched the passport idea in Toronto, want to remain anonymous.

"We don't want to take a front seat at all," he said. "The whole idea of this is to try to promote the indie shops in the city."

But what's so great about independent coffee shops anyway? "The most obvious is that they're all owned by different unique people who bring their own ideas to bear on their business," said Richard. "Every shop is a different experience."

"We tried in Ottawa and Toronto to pitch it to people who aren't aware of the indie coffee places in their city," he said. "We want people to get our of their comfort zones and try something different while exploring where they live."

The offer runs until the end of November.

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