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Hate graffiti incident rattles Kanata residents

A Kanata homeowner is in shock after he came home early Saturday morning to see that someone had spray-painted “F--K NI---RS” and “KKK” on the front of his townhouse.

Philippe Savoie said Ottawa police came to his house around 3:30 a.m. to investigate and are treating the incident as a hate crime. Police could not be reached for comment Monday.

A large, black “X” now marks the front of his garage and his front door. The left side of the garage is also littered with profanity and two front lights are covered in spray-paint.

“I don’t understand,” said Savoie. “Me and my roommate, we’re really quiet people. We don’t have enemies or anything or any fights with people.” He said his roommate, who was out of town Monday, is of Pakistani descent and has brown skin.

Savoie said the hate crime is very unusual because he lives in such a family-oriented, multicultural neighbourhood and he doesn't know why his house was the only one targeted.

The incident prompted him to install a surveillance camera Sunday to monitor the front porch.

“I didn’t use to lock my door, but now, yeah,” he said. “It’s kind of angering. Everybody sees these messages now constantly and it’s just a bad reminder every time.”

Savoie said he has been unsuccessful in trying to remove the graffiti so he will call a private company to get rid of it.

His next-door neighbour, Susan O’Gorman, was out of town for the weekend and was just as shocked at what she saw when she came home Monday afternoon.

“That makes me very angry,” she said, reading the graffiti in disbelief. “I’m almost sorry I wasn’t here because I might have heard something.”

In her six years living in the neighbourhood, she said she hasn’t seen anything like this.

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