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'You've never seen the city like this': rapper's new video shows Ottawa love

Local "CapCity" rapper Peter Joynt is at it again with a new music video that puts Ottawa in the spotlight and maybe even makes it a little cooler.

"It's the first time I've written a song around video footage," said Joynt of the video he finished editing just last weekend. "I had seen a commercial done by Ottawa Tourism. I asked if I could get the raw footage from the helicopter that went up."

Joynt released the video for Product of My Placement on YouTube Monday.  It features nearly four-minutes of breathtaking views of downtown Ottawa and the Rideau Canal to the beat of a smooth rap song.

Other footage is taken at the street level as Joynt raps lyrics like, "We’ve only just begun to stand out on our own, Pick up these microphones and proudly call this city home."

Joynt said the incredible views needed a song about Ottawa to go along with them. "I don't think they would have fit around anything but another Ottawa promo song," he said. "I wasn't selfish this time around. I gave all the screen time to our fair city. We've all seen the typical shots of Ottawa. It's rare that you see the view from over top the buildings in the downtown core."

Joynt is known for his tributes to Ottawa, including his CapCity music video released last year, which has racked up 35,000 views on YouTube so far. "This is the first song and video that I've had my hand on all the aspects," he said. "I wrote the song, helped produce the beat and helped film and produce the video. I beavered away like a mad scientist at home going through all the footage."

"The response has been great," said Joynt. "It makes our city look so cool. I do think we have a cool city. I feel that I've done it justice."

With files from Graham Lanktree

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