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Ottawa drivers rank among worst in Ontario

Ottawa drivers ranked 42nd among 46 Ontario municipalities when it comes to crashing into other drivers.

Ottawa had the fifth worst record for collisions amongst Allstate customers in a new safety survey for commissioned by the insurance company, with 6.1 collision claims per 100 cars.

Only Toronto (6.12), Maple (6.14), Milton (6.32) and Brampton (6.45) had higher rates. The survey looked at claims between 2010 and 2012.

Lisa McWatt, a spokeswoman for Allstate, said there is a trend for more collisions in higher population centres. But McWatt said that even when comparing Ottawa to similar population centres like Mississauga (5.81, albeit with 200,000 fewer people), there could be other factors at play.

"Similar size, similar issues ... yes, commuting is a challenge, and we get that. But when you break it down, the commuter has options when they're driving of things that they can control," McWatt said Tuesday. "So like not following too close, that's a huge one, not weaving in and out of traffic, giving yourself enough time, not yelling at your kid in the back seat."

McWatt said the survey found the weather had less an affect on collisions than people generally think.

"There's higher death rates, as an example, in clearer weather. So the driver that we're finding is drivers will drive faster in clearer weather, maybe take chances in clear weather," McWatt said. "We're trying to get people away from looking at the outside conditions ... to what people can control."

Ottawa actually fared slightly worse in the 2010-2012 survey than the 2008-2010 survey, with collisions claims increasing 3.95 per cent over that period.

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