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Ottawa sex shop's S&M Barbie display will stay

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Chained up, leather-clad Barbie and Ken dolls whipping each other will remain in the storefront display at Wicked Wanda's on Bank Street, according to the store.

Manager Mel Lockhart said that, despite media reports of complaints about the display, very few people have actually ventured into the shop to complain directly.

"If this person had a legitimate complaint about the window, they would come into the store and complain," said Lockhart Tuesday.

"We are a bondage store. And if anybody actually lodged a complaint into the store that has been in the surrounding area, I would talk to the owner and we would think of another way to do the window."

The display, consisting of about 10 dolls engaging in various forms of sadomasochistic acts, accounts for about a quarter of the shop's main storefront window. Behind the dolls are copies of the wildly popular 50 Shades of Grey series.

Lockhart maintains it's nothing beyond what the shop has displayed in the past.

The display drew the ire of Shannon Lee Mannion, who says she lives nearby. She calls the display "pornography." Mannion said she took her complaints to city hall and, later, to reporters.

"There are five or six other sex shops in the area, and not one of them has got anything to do with the actual sexual act (displayed in the storefront)," Mannion said. "Why don't they put their little BDSM manger scene inside the store. Why don't they put it there?"

Manion repeatedly said she has nothing against "kink," or the store's patrons. But she said they're a "very small sexual subset of our population," and the display is "offensive to many people, most people."

"You can fill your boots. You can go do whatever you want, to whomever you want, all night long," said Mannion. "But you know what? Not in the public view."

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